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Arthur Wehl, from San Francisco, submitted the following photos.


“The photo of the children is one of me, Arthur Wehl and my cousin, Catherine Mistretta, at the Blue Room in the early 60s. Children would get to sit in special seats in front so that they could see the performers. I became a fan of the Blue Room early on and remember seeing Anthony Newley, Ella Fitzgerald and Lainie Kazan there to name a few.


The photo of the adults is of my mother and father – My mother, in white, with the cigarette, is Josie Mistretta Pardys. My father is behind her, Anthony Wehl. Across from them are my Aunt and Uncle, Evelyn Wehl Vulevich and George Vulevich. The photo appears to be from the late 40s or early 50s. All but my mother have passed away. My mother loved the Blue Room and would have me join her when there were shows that she thought I might enjoy as a child.

What a wonderful magic place! I’m so glad that the hotel is back and that it’s part of the Waldorf group. It deserves to be part of the best….”

Have photos of yourself at The Roosevelt New Orleans? Send them to us!

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  1. Gary M. Mills says:

    I was speechless when I heard that The “Fairmont” Rosevelt Hotel had finally reopened. I have had so many memories at my ultimate favorite hotel, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I would like to be placed on a mailing list informing me of any and all events being held. It just about brings tears to my eyes to know that The Blue Room is back. I will be there this sunday if possible. I am a 52 year old New Orleanian and absolutely love the ambiance and the decorations at Christmas time. I can hardly wait. I Love You Guys. THANK YOU from the heart, Gary Mills

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