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The above photo was submitted by Gwen S. Anderson – here’s what she had to say about it:

“I’ve attached a photo and the cover from 1964 when we went to see The Lettermen perform. My mom, Lois Schank is in the middle and as you can see she is totally excited. She was chosen to sing with them that night. My Dad wrote on the back of the photo Steppin Out so that’s why it has that name. Pictured from left to right is my Aunt Pat and I am on the far right, Gwen Schank Anderson.”

Have photos of yourself at The Roosevelt New Orleans? Send them to us!


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  1. Samantha Sistrunk-Anastasiou says:

    My Grandfather, Osro Sistrunk, was the restaurant manager for the Roosevelt in the 1940′s. I do not know much about him, as there is a terrific story of my Nana, who was from a small town in South Mississippi, Purvis, to be exact, well, they eloped in secrecy and she went to New Orleans where they lived on Pertania St. for awhile. My uncle and father were born there. She eventually left my Grandfather Osro and moved back to Purvis, supposedly for his wild lifestyle. My Nana’s parents were very religious and did not approve of the marriage. So, growing up, none of us know anything about Osro, aside from a few photographs that we have. There was a posting awhile back from the daughter of the general manager of the hotel, and I would appreciate anyone with any knowledge of my Grandfather Osro “Slim” was what he went by, please contact me at Thank You! If I can get any photos from my uncle I will send them in.
    Kind Regards,
    Samantha Sistrunk-Anastasiou

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