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From left to right: Leah and Bobby DuBos, Jerry and Edgar Aucion, Ray and Shirley Laque, Chris and Irma Klein

The above photo was submitted by Raymond Laque – here’s what he had to say about it:

“Here’s a picture of my Mom and Dad with a group of friends in the 1960’s for a night out at the Blue Room. She and my Dad and their friends would get together once a month for dinner at each others house. Each couple would host a dinner twice a year, they would go to the Blue Room for Dinner and the show and to dance twice a year.”

Have photos of yourself at The Roosevelt New Orleans? Send them to us!

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  1. Tonca Yarbrough says:

    What a morning of nostalgia to find in my Sunday Sarasot Herald-Tribune. So much of my life connected with the Roosevelt Hotel. My cousin Pat was married to Leon Kelner who held sway with his band in the Fountain Lounge and weekly in the Blue Room ( high atop the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel and broadcast over 10,000 chanel WWL). I had my twelfth birthday there in 1949, and in 1964 the week of my wedding I got some marital advice from Sophie Tucker there in the Blue Room. I will be in N.O. in September for a high school reunion (Warren Easton) – cannot afford to stay there but look forward to visiting. Have some pictures and memorabalia…including a plate that Leon brought used to bring dinner home. Want it back some 60 years later?

  2. Don Connelly says:

    As a child my grandfather use to tell me about his orchestra and some of the things they played and where they played. One of the places he mentioned was the Blue Room of the Roosevelt. He did a radio show live on Friday nights. He used to bark it out as if he was bringing it on the air. I suppose it was in the late twenties or thirties. I wanted to find out if there are any archives that would give me any information or if there were pictures from this era? I would love to visit as it looks like it has been brought back to life. The name of his group was The Rhythm Kings.

  3. Tim Flanner says:

    My Great-great-great Grandfather Louis Grunnewald (2 n’s is the cprrect spelling of his name; for business he used 1 n) built the Hotel Grunewald which became the Roosevelt. The night club there was called “The Cave”. I have distinctive plates with the name and Pelican logo. I also have a bust of Mr. Grunnewald and other mementos of the hotel- fountain pen, etc.

    The cocktail was invented there- the first being the Sazerac.

    My First cousin- once removed visited ‘Grandpere and Mamere’ staying in their penthouse suite where they lived. She would be well over 100yrs old and passed some time ago.

    If interested in photos of Mr. Grunnewald, photos of the bust or photos of the other items, let me know and if I can help, I will.

    Best regards,
    Tim Flanner
    Milwaukee, WI

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