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Stormin’ of the Sazerac

Sazerac-0049-Edit-EditAre You Stormin’?

The Roosevelt New Orleans will pay tribute to the women of New Orleans and their legendary influence when it marks the 65th anniversary of the historic 1949 “Stormin’ of the Sazerac” on Friday, September 26th.

The re-creation marks the occasion when women, normally admitted to the Sazerac Bar only on Mardi Gras, stormed the popular gathering place demanding equality.  Wearing the hats, veils, peep-toe shoes and gloves popular in post-war New Orleans they changed the Sazerac Bar forever.



Ladies Luncheon

The famous Ladies Luncheon will happen in the Blue Room with doors opening at 1 p.m. New Orleans ladies can shop at the Blue Room sample department stores: Retro Active Vintage, Fleurty Girl, and the Roosevelt Emporium.  Tickets are limited, and are $49 each, inclusive of tax and gratuity.  To reserve your spot today, please call 504-335-3131 or visit here for online reservations.

Meet Me at the Fountain Lounge


Stuck at work?   Still want to Storm?  Starting at 2 p.m., we will help you complete your 40’s look at the Fountain Lounge before we storm the Sazerac at 4 p.m.  Enjoy complimentary makeup applications provided by Waldorf Astoria Spa.  Fleurty Girl, Retroactive Vintage and Les Dames Chapeaux will be on hand for all of the final touches for your vintage attire. 

Enjoy $6.50 Sazeracs, lagniappe petite cocktails with small plates by Chef Mark Majorie and live music to set the mood.  Meet all of your girlfriends at the Fountain Lounge to Storm!


The Stormin’ of the Bar

At 4 p.m., ladies from the luncheon and Fountain Lounge will Storm the Sazerac and raise their glasses in tribute to the women who made all of this possible in 1949.