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Any Bar can Make a Drink, Few Make History

Named after what many consider to be the world’s first mixed drink, The Sazerac Bar carries with it as much history and lore as its potable namesake. Just gazing at the famous Paul Ninas murals that flank the long African walnut bar takes you back to the grandeur of old New Orleans—a time when Huey P. Long would stroll in, order a Ramos Gin Fizz and spend the next couple hours talking to his constituents. Restored to reflect the spirit of the original establishment, the elegant barstools and plush banquettes of today’s Sazerac Bar invite locals and visitors alike to enjoy hand crafted cocktails and free-flowing conversation.

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Huey P LongFor Every Man, a Drink

Huey P. Long, the colorful governor of Louisiana, would go to great lengths to enjoy a good drink. In New Orleans it just meant taking the elevator from his 12th–floor suite at The Roosevelt down to The Sazerac Bar. Unfortunately, getting a drink to his liking wasn’t quite so simple when he left the city.

During one of his many political trips to New York, Long stayed at the New Yorker, a hotel that boldly claimed to be the home of the Ramos Gin Fizz. After taking one sip of the New Yorker’s Fizz, the Kingfish picked up the phone and called The Roosevelt New Orleans with orders “to send his best gin fizzer on to New York by plane so he could teach these New York sophisticates how and what to drink.”

The next day Sam Guarino, head bartender at The Sazerac Bar, arrived and spent the next three hours schooling his northern counterparts on the proper way to make Long’s beloved libation. From then on out, Huey could enjoy 8 oz. of New Orleans even when he was thousands of miles away.

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